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Excellence in the Kingdom

We serve an excellent God (Ps 8:1; Isa 12:5). God does all things in excellence. Just think of the splendor, detail and perfection of his creation that he prepared for us to enjoy (Gen 1:1-31). No detail was missed in his design for the tabernacle in which he dwelt with his people (Ex 26:1-37). As we read Leviticus we can see the excellence that God expected of his people in their festivals and sacrifices, their obedience; no animal with a blemish could be sacrificed before him (Lev 1:3).

How do we respond to a God of such excellence and love? We can only humble ourselves before him and give him our best; serve him in excellence and awesome fear and respect.

How can this be expressed in a practical way? We need to put him first in our lives and our time, not giving him our spare time at the end of the day. Serve him with excellence, whenever, wherever and however he prompts us. Our God is a jealous God and will not share us with others or other priorities (Ex 34:14).

Let his will be done in our lives as it is done in heaven (Matt 6:10) and remember, the most excellent way is love (1Cor 12:31-13:1); love for God and love for each other. God wants to show his “fullness” to the world through us; he wants to work, “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”, in us (Eph 3:19-20; KJV); how can we; therefore, not love him and serve him with all we are?

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