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Can God Get Your Attention?

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Prov 3:5-6; KJV)

God has a plan for each of our lives (Ps 139:14-16) and he wants to guide and direct us. In the apostle John’s gospel, chapter 10 and verse 27, we read that God’s sheep (us) hear his voice. God does not speak to our minds but our spirits (our consciences or spiritual hearts) by way of the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14; Rom 8:16). The Holy Spirit can do this by bringing our attention to scriptures (John 16:13-14) but also by simply dropping thoughts into our spirit (Rom 9:1). How do we know this is God? Well, in the word we read that God’s wisdom is peaceable (James 3:17). The thoughts God brings us will come with a sense of peace and assurance, so that we know that it is God.

Now for most of us our minds are often so busy it is difficult to hear from God. Much like the football quarter back trying to get instructions to his team when the crowd watching the game are yelling. We need to still our minds and we can do this by renewing them in God’s word (Rom 12:2); reading it, speaking it and meditating it, so that our minds are focused on God and at peace. This takes time and effort and it is an ongoing process. We can hear from God.

Jean and I had a very major decision to make some time ago and we set ourselves to hear from God. We spent several months praying, each on our own, then we compared what God had given each of us and we had heard the same in every detail; praise God. God also speaks to us in other ways but the approaches we have discussed today are the most important ones.  Sit and rest with God today and let him talk to you. It’s wonderful.

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