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Get Jesus in Your Boat

In Mathew 14:25-33 Jesus gives us a very practical lesson in faith. The disciples were in a storm on the sea and Jesus came to them walking on the water. Jesus greeted his disciples in a simple manner: “cheer up guys it’s me. In other words: “no sweat guys, with me in the boat you can walk through or on all the storms of life. 

Peter liked that and asked Jesus to command him (Peter) to come to Jesus on the water. Peter recognized that if Jesus said he (Peter) could walk on the water then it was possible. Whatever you find in the bible that applies to you is possible. Jesus said come, so Pater took him at his word and walked on the water by faith in the word of Jesus. Jesus said it, Peter believed it and that settled it; he (Peter) walked.

Sounds like the child like faith Jesus told us we needed (Mark 10:15). But Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the wind and the waves and faith wilted, allowing the opposite force of fear to grip him. How often we take our eyes off of Jesus and allow the words of people, the thoughts satan brings us and circumstances and situations, to get us in to fear. 

We need to get into our Bibles and saturate ourselves with the word of God so that we are fear proof and full of faith (Rom 10:17). But, how merciful God is, he reached out and saved Peter. The word says God will never allow us to be tempted or tried more than we can handle but will always provide the way out (1 Cor 10:13). As Jesus and Peter got back into the boat the storm ceased. 

Get Jesus in to your boat (life) and trust him and you can experience his miracle power to get your through the storms of life. Praise God. Preached myself happy again.

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